Residential Guidelines


If you’re among the people dying to know what’s coming to Observatory Hill, some really interesting information has just been released. Residential guidelines are finally prepared and were recently made available. What does that mean for you? Well, it means quite a lot, but specifically, the whole site now has an architectural vision, and it’s very exciting. We’ve assembled a list of 5 standout features that we hope will get you as fired-up about this world-class project as we are.

“A generous amount of fenestration is to be provided with respect to their (the homes’) related architecture.”

More windows! Natural light is always a welcome addition, and now the homes at Observatory Hill are required to offer a “generous” amount of it. The windows will let in more light than average home designs, and what’s really exciting is that, depending on where your home is situated, you’ll get a fantastic view of the night sky as well. What a truly inspired way to live.

“Two lot-separation for the siting of the same or similar elevations, nor directly across the street.”    

This site is a special one, so although the builders here are of the mass persuasion, preliminary action has been taken to ensure your Observatory Hill home looks unique in terms of its position on the streetscape. You’ll have the only one of it’s kind in your immediate vicinity. The builders have also been asked to keep similar colour palettes separate, another great way to keep homes special and unique to individual buyers.

“Architectural details should reflect traditional qualities and characteristics found in established communities within the Town of Richmond Hill, and include: Beaux Arts, reflecting the style of the Observatory Administration Building; and Georgian style and contemporary modern design to complement the Beaux Arts style.”

This is great news for those who love classic styles of design. What’s really fantastic though is how the Beaux Arts style can bring a sense of prestige and grandeur to an area. The style of the homes coming to Observatory Hill can only positively affect its overall look and investment value.

“House designs that are simple in terms of shape or form are encouraged.”

This is a small point with big impact. What this really means is that although the homes will be inspired by an array of styles, modern simplicity will drive the design. It will be refreshing to see a simple and elegant community pop-up in an area that has arguably become a bit stale -design-wise- as of late. Observatory Hill is meant to shine, and it will via these types of creative direction.

“Balanced proportions are crucial in creating high-quality design. Architectural elements should be in proportion with overall design. Proportions will be assessed and evaluated on historical precedents of the overall design merit of the proposed building.”

The neighbourhood will feel balanced and regal. Nothing will be too tall, too small, or stick out like a sore thumb. Peace and unity is found in balance, and this direction ensures that Observatory Hill remains in that state. This will be one of the most incredibly inviting, warm, and neighbourly places to live in Canada.