Come Home To Observatory Hill.

Welcome to Observatory Hill, a community on South Richmond Hill’s last remaining piece of picturesque land. It’s a place that’s to be built on the astronomical past of the David Dunlap Observatory and all of the incredible research and discovery it fostered. This is an area ripe with history and now you can become a part of it. Please look through our site to discover more about this incredibly special place.

Ddo's Observatory History

A True Story About Vision Beyond Limits.

Built on the dreams of Professor Clarence Chant, David Dunlap, and eventually his widow Jessie Dunlap, The David Dunlap Observatory (DDO) stood for forward motion, Canadian contributions to science, and trailblazing research. At the time of its inception, the DDO boasted the world’s second largest telescope, and as you might expect, it would go on to become a ground-breaking location for astronomical exploration. Evidence that Cygnus X-1 might be a black hole, starring in an Oscar nominated film, inspiring Stanley Kubrick, and launching several stellar careers, the DDO is and always has been a centre for success in Canada. It’s a history that will rightfully be remembered for years, and now you have the opportunity to be a part of it.

Clarence Chant

The father of Canadian astronomy, Professor Chant was the driving force behind the creation and progression of the D

David Dunlap

David Dunlap was a Canadian mining executive who - after hearing Clarence Chant speak at a University of Toronto lecture - became interested in astronomy and decided to fund an observatory project for the university.

Jessie Dunlap

The widow of David Dunlap, who upon his passing followed through with his dream of erecting a world-class observatory in the DDO.

The Building

A view of the administration building, which was built to accompany the DDO and house researchers and professors like Clarence Chant.

Working Away

Professor Chant using the world’s second largest telescope.

The Observatory Park

Lots Of Great Things To Come In An Incredibly Green Area

Not only will Observatory Hill offer a fantastic community and well-designed, high quality homes; the town of Richmond Hill has proposed a spatial plan that will put this neighbourhood amongst the finest in Canada. With large, public spaces accompanied by incredible activity centres, parks, museums, nature paths, mazes, orchards, outdoor rinks, tennis courts, and much, much more, Observatory Hill is bound for greatness, and to be one of Canada’s warmest, and brightest communities.