Observatory Hill Now Truly A Destination In Richmond Hill and York Region


110 acres (45 hectares) of the municipal park, conserved from the pre-2008 David Dunlap Observatory and Park, are now confirmed as destination green space in Richmond Hill, and will be supported by a $54 million budgetary allocation from the Town of Richmond Hill. This conserved park is adjacent to the projected 79-acre (32-hectare) Observatory Hill subdivision.

In its first phase, the new Town of Richmond Hill park plan will focus on general maintenance. But subsequent phases will introduce renovations to the David Dunlap Observatory, its beautiful administration building, plus the addition of exciting and interactive spaces. Current Town park planning envisages a skating trail, a visitor centre, tennis courts, and family-friendly picnic areas. The plan also proposes a feasibility study for a possible planetarium. All of this will work to heighten this site beyond anything either Richmond Hill or York Region has offered to date.

This project’s future is the area’s premier lifestyle, activity, and family destination. An incredible place to live, and an incredible place to invest; that’s all a certainty now. Get excited folks, Observatory Hill is a place you can call home in a town you already love. This once-in-a-lifetime living opportunity in Richmond Hill just became even more interesting.