In Richmond Hill, culture and education shine.

Education is a massive driving force in Richmond Hill. From its earliest incarnations via the DDO to its current situation as a place that offers some of Ontario’s best schools, Richmond Hill is highly regarded as a hub for all things higher-learning.


From Breakfast To Dinner And Beyond.

Name it and you’ll find it here; world-class world cuisine at every turn. This town makes a meal out an incredibly hard decision, but ask any foodie and they’ll tell you that’s a good thing. Chinese, Italian, Middle-Eastern, and more, every meal in Richmond Hill can be made special, unique, and perfect for the moment.


Outdoor activities. Indoor amusement.
All just a few steps from your door.

Whether you enjoy sports, social activities, seeing movies, or romantic evenings out, the area surrounding Observatory Hill offers some of the best entertainment options in the GTA. Take the kids out for a fun day full of excitement, or unwind with a glass of wine and enjoy an engaging evening at one of Richmond Hill’s gorgeous local live theatres. There is always something inspiring to do or see here.

Everyday Life

Convenience Orbits Here.

Those who live in the 905 make up a large amount of the daily commuters to Toronto. The town of Richmond Hill understands this and has created a transit and highway system unmatched in the region; they know a thing or two about getting people around. In close vicinity to Observatory Hill you’ll find a GO station, VIVA bus routes, and some of York Region’s most direct routes to both the 404, and 407. Whether you’re trying to get to work, or -more importantly- trying to get home, Richmond Hill has every imaginable route covered.