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Observatory Hill Now Truly A Destination In Richmond Hill and York Region


110 acres (45 hectares) of the municipal park, conserved from the pre-2008 David Dunlap Observatory and Park, are now confirmed as destination green space in Richmond Hill, and will be supported by a $54 million budgetary allocation from the Town of Richmond Hill. This conserved park is adjacent to the projected 79-acre (32-hectare) Observatory Hill subdivision.

In its first phase, the new Town of Richmond Hill park plan will focus on general maintenance. But subsequent phases will introduce renovations to the David Dunlap Observatory, its beautiful administration building, plus the addition of exciting and interactive spaces. Current Town park planning envisages a skating trail, a visitor centre, tennis courts, and family-friendly picnic areas. The plan also proposes a feasibility study for a possible planetarium. All of this will work to heighten this site beyond anything either Richmond Hill or York Region has offered to date.

This project’s future is the area’s premier lifestyle, activity, and family destination. An incredible place to live, and an incredible place to invest; that’s all a certainty now. Get excited folks, Observatory Hill is a place you can call home in a town you already love. This once-in-a-lifetime living opportunity in Richmond Hill just became even more interesting.

Residential Guidelines


If you’re among the people dying to know what’s coming to Observatory Hill, some really interesting information has just been released. Residential guidelines are finally prepared and were recently made available. What does that mean for you? Well, it means quite a lot, but specifically, the whole site now has an architectural vision, and it’s very exciting. We’ve assembled a list of 5 standout features that we hope will get you as fired-up about this world-class project as we are.

“A generous amount of fenestration is to be provided with respect to their (the homes’) related architecture.”

More windows! Natural light is always a welcome addition, and now the homes at Observatory Hill are required to offer a “generous” amount of it. The windows will let in more light than average home designs, and what’s really exciting is that, depending on where your home is situated, you’ll get a fantastic view of the night sky as well. What a truly inspired way to live.

“Two lot-separation for the siting of the same or similar elevations, nor directly across the street.”    

This site is a special one, so although the builders here are of the mass persuasion, preliminary action has been taken to ensure your Observatory Hill home looks unique in terms of its position on the streetscape. You’ll have the only one of it’s kind in your immediate vicinity. The builders have also been asked to keep similar colour palettes separate, another great way to keep homes special and unique to individual buyers.

“Architectural details should reflect traditional qualities and characteristics found in established communities within the Town of Richmond Hill, and include: Beaux Arts, reflecting the style of the Observatory Administration Building; and Georgian style and contemporary modern design to complement the Beaux Arts style.”

This is great news for those who love classic styles of design. What’s really fantastic though is how the Beaux Arts style can bring a sense of prestige and grandeur to an area. The style of the homes coming to Observatory Hill can only positively affect its overall look and investment value.

“House designs that are simple in terms of shape or form are encouraged.”

This is a small point with big impact. What this really means is that although the homes will be inspired by an array of styles, modern simplicity will drive the design. It will be refreshing to see a simple and elegant community pop-up in an area that has arguably become a bit stale -design-wise- as of late. Observatory Hill is meant to shine, and it will via these types of creative direction.

“Balanced proportions are crucial in creating high-quality design. Architectural elements should be in proportion with overall design. Proportions will be assessed and evaluated on historical precedents of the overall design merit of the proposed building.”

The neighbourhood will feel balanced and regal. Nothing will be too tall, too small, or stick out like a sore thumb. Peace and unity is found in balance, and this direction ensures that Observatory Hill remains in that state. This will be one of the most incredibly inviting, warm, and neighbourly places to live in Canada.

March Break In Southern Ontario


March Break is the perfect time to get everyone together for some good old fashioned family bonding. There’s so much to experience and do together in Richmond Hill, York Region, and Toronto that deciding can become a little daunting. Here’s a list to ease you into a week full of fun, and education. These are Observatory Hill’s top March Break events for 2016.

  1. Toronto Comicon – Held at The Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and running from March 18th-20th, this year’s Comicon is set to be among the best the city has seen. Let your kids’ imaginations run wild and free in a paradise of creativity, colour, and fun. New studies have shown that comics are a great way to get kids excited and interested in reading, and this is a great way to get that started. With over 400 exhibitors, and 15,000 square feet of space, you’ll easily fill a day with a trip to Comicon, and depending on how many comics you bring home, you might fill the night as well.
  1. Sugar Beach Sugar Shack – A free, and truly Canadian event, bring the kids to Sugar Beach in Toronto to experience an authentic Cabane à Sucre du Québec or Sugar Shack. Enjoy live music, delicious Québécois cuisine, maple taffy on snow, and much more. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about Canada’s rich French-Canadian history in a fun and flavourful way. The Sugar shack will be located at Sugar Beach (Jarvis and Queens Quay) and open March 12th-13th.
  1. March Break Teen Zone At The Richmond Hill Public Library – If your kids are a bit older, this is a great spot for them to meet new people, play some old-school board games, create unique crafts, and enjoy some great snackage. It’s free, and they can drop-in on Monday March 14th from 6-8pm.
  1. Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood Live – Did you grow up with Mr. Roger’s Neighbourhood? Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood Live is an extension of the classic and beloved children’s show, and is giving the next generation a chance to explore their imaginations through a live theatrical production, which features singing, dancing, and much more. This is a great event if you have little ones, and it’ll be fun and nostalgic for you. The show can be seen at The Richmond Hill Centre For The Performing Arts on Friday March 18th at either 3pm or 6:30 pm.
  1. Cineplex Family Favourites – The big screen is waiting for you at Silver City in Richmond Hill. On Saturdays at 11, you can catch great family-friendly movies for just $2.99 with a portion of the proceeds going to Feed The Children. It’s a fun and affordable day out; just don’t forget the popcorn!

Gone are the days of March Break madness, with all the kids inside with nothing to do. This list plus an array of other fun activities make Richmond Hill, the GTA, and Toronto the perfect places to be during the holiday. If you want to live closer to the action consider Observatory Hill. It’s got lots to offer kids and adults alike and does it all with a much needed touch of education and exploration. Have a fantastic, safe and fun March Break, and we hope to see you soon at Observatory Hill in Richmond Hill.      

Congratulations to Lyn Tan of Richmond Hill!


From left to right: Art Rubino of Regal Crest Homes, Lyn Tan, Richard Mariani of CountryWide Homes.

Congratulations to Lyn Tan of Richmond Hill!

Lyn was randomly selected from over a thousand sweepstakes entrants and won a fantastic new telescope courtesy of the Observatory Hill team. Now, she and her family can enjoy the night sky together and discover some of its many wonders.

Your family can get in on the action too! Living at Observatory Hill means being just moments from the David Dunlap Observatory, its programs, and the chance to explore outer space from your own backyard. Inspire your family. Call Observatory Hill home.

A local star

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 9.27.45 AM

Image Credit: National Film Board Of Canada

Anyone who’s ever visited the David Dunlap Observatory knows it’s an incredibly special place. Not only is it strikingly beautiful, it also carries an aura that’s almost surreal; perhaps that’s why it was chosen to be a star, -in the figurative sense of course.

In 1960 the film “Universe” was released by the National Film Board of Canada, and was met with much praise. It was nominated for an Oscar in the ‘best documentary’ category the year it was released, and offered some of the most vivid special effects anyone had ever seen. It also happened to feature Richmond Hill’s own David Dunlap Observatory, from which Dr. Donald MacRae can be seen going about his work, which is anything but routine; he’s exploring the universe. Perhaps what’s most interesting about the film though, is how it, its makers, its cast, and its effects inspired another.

It’s said that Stanley Kubrick attended a screening of “Universe” and it inspired him to make his own space-centric film, the Oscar award winning 2001: A Space Odyssey. Kubrick was so enamoured in fact, that he hired Colin Low (one of the directors of “Universe”), Wally Gentleman (the film’s optical effects expert), and Douglas Rain (narrator of “Universe) who would voice the now iconic Hal 9000 to help him with his film.
So, not only does the David Dunlap Observatory have a history of accolades in Canadian space exploration, it’s also has a firm connection to Hollywood and will forever live amongst its many stars. Wouldn’t you love to live near a place steeped in such history, innovation, and inspiration? We know just the place.

A Clearer Direction For The David Dunlap Observatory Park


David Dunlap Observatory Park

You already know Observatory Hill is set to become one of Canada’s foremost communities, and you already know its public spaces will match that forecasted standard of excellence, but everyone has been eagerly awaiting a true direction for the park and heritage site. That wait might be over.

Two unique plans (A and B) were created for this special site with the intent of allowing public opinion and the best possible outcome for coming and current communities. Plan A is called “Observatory Park” and would act as a regional attraction highlighted by The David Dunlap Observatory and a planetarium, Plan B or “Discovery Park” would be a local attraction and highlighted by the area’s heritage features. Both A and B share common features that were consistently requested by all parties involved.

In a recent article featured in the Richmond Hill Post, it was revealed that at the Town of Richmond Hill’s People Plan task force meeting, a preferred direction for the aforementioned public spaces was put forth. Over 275 residents had their say via an online survey, and JRS (the chosen landscape architectural firm) was directed toward a final plan that focused on community opinion and satisfaction. Plan A was the winner, and that’s incredibly exciting. Now, it’s not written in stone and many decisions are yet to be confirmed, but if Plan A goes forward as recommended, those who live in Observatory Hill and people from surrounding neighbourhoods can expect to enjoy a truly fantastic park experience. Consisting of highlights like an outdoor ice rink, amphitheatre, splash pad, covered picnic area, meadow maze, great lawn, beaux arts garden, and much more, the David Dunlap Observatory Park will work toward making Richmond Hill an even more admirable, and inviting town. Think of what something like this can do for property value as well; Observatory Hill -supported by such an unbelievable park- will provide a fantastic investment opportunity.
This is just another reason to get excited about Observatory Hill. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available, we understand that waiting can often be frustrating, but it’ll be worth the wait. You’ll definitely want to call this area home, so before deciding on another location, consider just how magnificent your life could be at Observatory Hill surrounded by an endless list of amenities, entertainment, restaurants, highly rated schools, transit, and much, much more.   

A Full Christmas


Here at Observatory Hill we’re all a little obsessed with outer space, and for good reason. Our whole development is inspired by Richmond Hill’s historic David Dunlap Observatory (The DDO,) sure, but let’s be real, why wouldn’t we be? Space is just cool! It’s awe inspiring, it’s almost entirely undiscovered, and it helps us build our dreams and aspirations. Not everyone can live at Observatory Hill though, so not everyone will get to experience great leaps of discovery or see what an astronomer sees; however, something really cool is coming that people all over the world can check out.

NASA has announced that this year we’ll get to experience a Christmas full moon. Not since 1977 has this happened, and it won’t happen again until 2034. So, in between gifts, family, and cheer, don’t forget to peek out your window to catch a glimpse of something rare and special in the night sky. Who knows, maybe you’ll catch a silhouette of old santa too!  

If you want to see more than just the moon, visit the DDO to enjoy some of its public offerings, and think about making Observatory Hill home. You can’t live amongst the stars, but you can get a lot closer.
Happy Holidays from everyone at Observatory Hill.