A Full Christmas


Here at Observatory Hill we’re all a little obsessed with outer space, and for good reason. Our whole development is inspired by Richmond Hill’s historic David Dunlap Observatory (The DDO,) sure, but let’s be real, why wouldn’t we be? Space is just cool! It’s awe inspiring, it’s almost entirely undiscovered, and it helps us build our dreams and aspirations. Not everyone can live at Observatory Hill though, so not everyone will get to experience great leaps of discovery or see what an astronomer sees; however, something really cool is coming that people all over the world can check out.

NASA has announced that this year we’ll get to experience a Christmas full moon. Not since 1977 has this happened, and it won’t happen again until 2034. So, in between gifts, family, and cheer, don’t forget to peek out your window to catch a glimpse of something rare and special in the night sky. Who knows, maybe you’ll catch a silhouette of old santa too!  

If you want to see more than just the moon, visit the DDO to enjoy some of its public offerings, and think about making Observatory Hill home. You can’t live amongst the stars, but you can get a lot closer.
Happy Holidays from everyone at Observatory Hill.